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70 DAY ACCELERATOR Coaching Program to 
Fix Your Habits
& Get Your Shit Together 

Ever notice how you keep falling back into your old habits?
Science has shown it takes 67 days to build a new habit.
That's science, so don't fight it. But it sucks if you go it alone. 
This program helps you design and build new life changing habits 
by anchoring them for over 67 days - so they stick... yup.
Get ready for the ride of your life!
Scientific studies have shown that it takes 67 days to anchor a new habit - join us and we will support you in doing just that.
GET READY! We start September 12th!
What Are These Motherfuckers Saying?
"I was so fucked. I couldn't even find my own ass. Then I went to Shereen and Garret and they found it for me!" 
"I had some really self-destructive habits. People were really worried about me. I was worried too. Then Shereen said something to me that changed my life... 'Don't worry!'"
"I kept making $ millions and losing millions. I was so screwed up, I thought my arm was made of wood. Then I tried this program and realized money is made of wood... at least in other countries. So I moved."
Grab Your Balls and FEEL the Difference in Your Life Now!
By Thanksgiving 2017 you will feel empowered, have EVERYTHING you want, and vibrate at the frequency of Gods with the help of Garret & Shereen.
Results may vary.
Why You Need This 70 Day Accelerator Program:
The Benefits
Once you develop a good habit, will power is no longer necessary to keep you going. The powerful force of habit takes over in your favor. 

It’s like escaping gravity. All of a sudden the heavy burden of your old habits lose their gravity and you become weightless - effortlessly continuing with your newfound good habits. 

We are literally helping you propel yourself into the heavens - so that your life will be more heavenly...  I mean... that's the idea. We'll see what happens.
The Journey
Will power is a scarce resource that runs out. Sustaining the will power to change your behavior in the face of bad habits and distractions is incredibly difficult over time - like running a marathon - and that’s why most people quit.

But we're here to help you with that. No, not quit. You can quit on your own. We're going to help you not quit - or help you quit, quitting - or stop not quitting the things you need to quit. Bottom line: Rehab's for quitters. This isn't rehab... Or maybe it is - for you.
The Science
Scientific studies have shown that it takes 67 days to anchor a new habit and break your old habits. That is why this 70 Day Accelerator Program is... 70 days long. That's right. That's science, bitch!

Together we work together... um...  to create positive habits that make your life amazing... or if you choose to develop bad habits... ones that fuck you up.
This program typically costs $55,997, but we are offering it to you for something else!
Take Action! You Might Regret It!
...but studies show: On your deathbed, you only regret the shit you didn't do.
Fact. (Science!)
Limited to 10 people.  Join now, or we might jack the prices just to fuck with you.
Pay in Full
List Price: $55,997
You Save: $55,000
Today's Price: $997
Monthly  Plan
List Price: $55,997
You Save: $54,887
Today's Price: $555
+ another payment of $555
Weekly  Plan
List Price: $55,997
You Save: $54,797
Today's Price: $100
+ 11 weekly payments of $100
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